Look no further than the Finalists of this year’s Future Innovators category of the KTP Best of the Best Awards.

With an incredible number of strong nominations in this field this year, we are breaking with tradition and announcing the shortlist of Future Innovators, not just the winners!

Ahead of announcing the other awards category shortlists, we preview some remarkable KTP Associates. 

From transforming GP training to deploying AI for insurance claims; pushing battery electrode materials beyond current known limits to progressing human antibody generation; dramatically accelerating New Product Development to developing a whole new class of ionic liquid – our KTP Associates are showing how the innovations they are helping drive today via Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) mark them out as the Innovators of tomorrow.

In disciplines as diverse as Engineering and Data Science, Marketing and AI, Machine Learning and Plant Science, across all sectors of the economy and in companies right across the UK, KTPs are helping deliver real positive change – and KTP Associates are at the centre of that transformation. 

Each year we celebrate KTP success via the KTP Best of the Best Awards

Here, we announce the finalists of the Future Innovators category – the Award for outstanding performance by a KTP Associate. The panel of judges for this category recognised “the enormous potential the entire community of Associates represents for the future of the UK economy”.  Over the coming weeks we will be profiling them on the KTP website as well as the finalists of all other categories. 

Future Innovator – THE FINALISTS:

Associate: Muddasar Anwar 

Company Partner FP McCann Limited

University Partner Queen’s University Belfast 

Project Using optimisation techniques to develop sustainable drainage systems

Associate: Dmytro Bogachov 

Company Partner: Sandon Global Engraving Technology Limited

University Partner: University of Manchester

Project: Develop materials science and surface engineering for Anilox technology in the flexographic print industry

Associate: Declan Bryans 

Company Partner Mersen UK, Holytown

University Partner University of Strathclyde

Project To activate Mersen’s material for use in flow batteries leading to enhanced energy storage capability and improved renewable energy management.

Associate: Laurence Foster

Company Partner Platinum Electrical Engineering

University Partner Northumbria University

Project Creating a Building Additive Manufacturing (BAM) capability which ‘prints’ a complete building structure

Associate: Mark Gilmore 

Company Partner Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd

University Partner Queen’s University Belfast

Project: Development of a new class of ionic liquid which is more environmentally friendly and with applications in sectors beyond the original scope 

Associate: Andrew Grounds

Company Partner Ashton Centre Development Ltd

University Partner Queen’s University Belfast

Project aim: Building the commercial resilience of this large social enterprise

Associate: George Harris

Company Partner GJD

University Partner Manchester Metropolitan University

Project: To develop intelligent, IP connected and highly sensitive laser scanner products with corresponding mobile phone application for set up and diagnostics. 

Associate: Dan Hicks 

Company Partner OSET

University Partner University of Brighton

Project: To embed a scientifically informed design process to streamline and optimise electric trials bike design for adult market 

Associate: Harvey Kangley 

Company Partner Associated Utility Supplies

University Partner University of Huddersfield 

Project: Developing New Product Development strategies for design of novel products in the rail electrification sector.

Associate: Alex Komninos

Company Partner IBM

University Partner University of York

Project: To implement model-based and machine learning methods and tools which transform spreadsheets in to cognitive models

Associate: Xi Liu

Company Partner Kennedys Law LLP

University Partner University of Manchester

Project: To develop and embed an intelligent data driven fraud prevention and detection service to support insurance claim handling utilising ML

Associate: Blessing Mbipom

Company Partner Red Whale (GP Update)

University Partner University of Reading

Project To develop online training for GPs and other medical staff that is available 24/7 to support CPD and provide alternative/supplement to F2F training

Associate: Leona McGirr

Company Partner Fusion Antibodies plc

University Partner Queen’s University Belfast 

Project: To develop innovative processes to transform the generation and maturation of fully human antibodies for rapid clinical development. 

Associate: Lyndsey McKirdy

Company Partner Aggreko

University Partner University of Strathclyde

Project: Supporting the application of advanced analytics and machine learning to inform development of the next generation of mobile power platforms.

Associate: Swapnil Khadke

Company Partner LONZA

University Partner University of Strathclyde

Project To investigate the application of liposome formulations to improve the efficacy of drugs delivered via Lonza’s liquid-filled capsules.

Associate: Khai D Q Nguyen 

Company Partner FormFormForm Ltd

University Partner Queen Mary University of London 

Project: Developing better formulation for silicone composite to extend market for consumer “fixing” brand, Sugru 

Associate: Elle Perschke 

Company Partner British Salt

University Partner The University of Manchester

Project To create and adopt a B2C marketing strategy for a B2B business, launching a new product in to the consumer market

Associate: Jack Tallant

Company Partner Ace Centre

University Partner Manchester Metropolitan University

Project:  Embed advanced data analytics and visualisation to inform strategy and business performance for these support centres for people with disabilities.

In keeping with tradition, winners of this category will be revealed in advance of the KTP Awards Ceremony on 9 September where all other category winners will be announced. Registration to participate in the Awards ceremony will soon be open. Follow us on twitter @KTNUK_KTP for more updates.

Find out more about the role of KTP Associates and see the latest vacancies here.

Interested in participating in KTP? Funding competitions are open throughout the year and you can find out more on the KTP website here.


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are funded by UKRI through Innovate UK with the support of co-funders, including the Scottish Funding Council, Welsh Government, Invest Northern Ireland, Defra and BEIS. Innovate UK manages the KTP programme and facilitates its delivery through a range of partners including Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Knowledge Bases and Businesses. Each partner plays a specific role in the support and delivery of the programme. 


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