Deadline extended for 2023 KTP Awards applications!

  • Entries now close: Friday 26th May 2023, 12:00pm

Take the chance to showcase your project, the results and solutions achieved. You will be able to demonstrate the impact your KTP partnership has had on the business, the Knowledge Base and the Associate in front of a variety of business leaders, academics and innovation specialists.

This year’s awards categories will include:

– Best KTP Award
– Technical Excellence Award
– Best Management KTP Award – NEW
– Business Impact and Transformation Award
– Changing the World Award
– Future Leader Award
– KTP Academic of the Year Award
– Best Knowledge Base KTP Support Team Award

If you want to be part of the legacy award for Best KTP then don’t delay your application. This highly coveted award recognises  teams who demonstrate exceptional achievements across all three Partners: Business, Academic, and Associate.

To find out more and to apply click here.

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We wish you all the best of luck!

Watch what happened last year at the Innovate UK KTP Awards:

Find more information about the award categories below:

Partnerships should demonstrate excellent achievements across all three Partners: Business; Academic; Associate. Partnerships must be able to demonstrate how they have gone beyond the aims and objectives stated in the original proposal.

Partnerships should demonstrate excellence in the application of science, technology, engineering or maths. Contribution to the evolution of the field and the research interests of the academic team must also be showcased.

Partnerships should demonstrate significant new capability to manage the business. The impact should be across the whole business and be based on the adoption of new skills in some of the following: strategic management, management sciences, digital transformation, strategic marketing, internationalisation, performance management.

The business partner must demonstrate significant ongoing impact from their KTP and substantial and sustained transformation of the business resulting from the project.

Partnerships should demonstrate the wider impact of their KTP, including projects that have delivered a societal, social, or environmental impact. Applications should showcase how they have contributed to making our world a better place.

The application must showcase a KTP Associate who has shown exceptional skills, above and beyond normal expectations. Demonstrating excellence in delivery of their innovation project, in contributing to the commercial strategy, and in project management and leadership.

The application must showcase an academic who has demonstrated exceptional skills and commitment in knowledge translation, leadership, team building and mentoring.

Showcases a high performing KB team that has been proactive and innovative in engaging and capitalising on the opportunities offered by participation in the KTP Programme. Activities highlighted may be internally focused within a KB or externally focused on business engagement or a combination of both.

what they say

Chirine Riachy, PhD

"KTP projects pave the way to businesses who want to exploit the latest advancements but do not have the expertise or confidence to do so. Through input from academic experts advising on the latest research in the field, and unrelenting support and guidance from Innovate UK [KTN], success is way more attainable."

Head of Data Science, Charles Clinkard
Lucy Jones

"The KTP not only provided the project management and skilled people....but the support of the University academic supervisors [made] it as current and evidence based as possible. A KTP was one of the only ways to achieve this."

VP Clinical, Oviva UK
Agnieszka Bachleda-Baca

"My KTP was challenging but very rewarding at the same time. I have received an unique opportunity to work in the industry and academia at the same time, which is very advantageous. I became a better researcher and worked with different departments at the company, which gave me a great idea of how I want to shape my career path". Find out more about Agneiska's experience in this longer profile piece here.    

arbnco / University of Strathclyde
Emily Mason (BSc Hons, Biopharmaceutical Science)

"For me, the KTP role has really been a life changing opportunity.... I hadn’t heard of KTP until I applied for my role, however after the experience I have had I recommend it to anyone - especially graduates as it’s a great bridge between university and ‘real life’. It is certainly a decision I will never regret". Emily Mason, KTP Associate

Northumbria Pharma / University of Sunderland
Melanie Herrmann

"I am privileged to work both with gifted academics at the University of Cambridge, and bright minds at Vizzuality, a change agency for a sustainable and fair future. I am grateful for this unique opportunity to work in a job that I love and believe in." Melanie Herrmann, KTP Associate

Vizzuality/University of Cambridge
Dr Shirley Ann Hazlett, Senior Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast Management School

The Management KTP initiative is fantastic for any growth-oriented SME, such as RBP, and we cannot recommend this programme highly enough”.  

David Beattie

“Through KTP, I’ve found a graduate role which offers both academic and industry experience in equal measure. My role is intensely immersive, which I put down to the considerable degree of autonomy the KTP framework affords. Our project is a win-win for its stakeholders, may lead to job creation and will reduce our Carbon footprint. That’s satisfying.” See a longer profile piece about David Beattie's KTP here. David Beattie, KTP Associate

Davidsons Feeds/James Hutton Institute
Neha Sharma

"KTP is like a beautiful interwoven fabric of academia and industry"

KTP Associate, Cosmotec Ltd and University of Salford
Professor Yvonne Perrie

"KTP provides a superb pathway for knowledge transfer, enabling academic research to be applied to deliver impact to real world solutions".

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Paul Graham

"The KTP has been a revolutionary programme, enabling the business to completely standardise the design process with the added luxury of achieving high accuracy at a high speed.” 

IG Masonry Support Systems General Manager
Georgiana Nica-Avram

Working with OLIO and the University of Nottingham has helped me develop personally and professionally. It has helped me contribute the skills and knowledge I have gained so far, as well as develop new skills in the fast-paced domain of data science. OLIO is dedicated to addressing one of today’s greatest challenges- food waste, and I am grateful to be part of this solution. Georgian Nica-Avram, KTP Associate

University of Nottingham / OLIO


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