Celebrate the winning KTP collaborations

Thank you to all who joined us both online and in Liverpool for a dazzling ceremony at St. George’s Hall. Joined by our fantastic host, Suzannah Lipscomb, we witnessed the inspiring work from KTP projects and departments across the UK.

With additional awards up for grabs at this year’s ceremony, we were treated to even more stories from across the KTP community. From Technical Excellence Award, Changing the World Award and Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership, each finalist and winner highlighted the best of KTP.

Watch our highlights video below!

Watch the full awards event recording here

This year, 7 awards were available. These include:

  • Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership
  • Technical Excellence Award
  • The Changing the World Award
  • Business Impact and Transformation
  • KTP Academic of the Year Award
  • Best Knowledge Base KTP Support Team Award
  • Future Leader

The Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award recognises teams who demonstrate exceptional achievements across all three Partners: Business; Academic; and Associate.

The winners of this award were Cirdan ImagingQueen’s University Belfast and Jonathan Armstrong who delivered a project to enhance pathology medical device products with clinical expert intelligence derived from an embedded deep learning system.

The Technical Excellence Award recognises partnerships which demonstrate excellence in the application of science, technology, engineering or maths.

The winning project was a KTP between South West Water (SWW)University of Exeter and Joshua Myrans.

Finalists for this award have demonstrated a transformative commercial outlook and accessing academic knowledge to deepen expertise, companies are able to expand their commercial capabilities and exploit market opportunities.

The winning project was SC Group-Global LimitedUniversity of Exeter and Matthew Harvey for their work on an All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) hybrid drive vehicle.

The Changing The World Award recognises teams who have delivered a societal, social, or environmental impact.

The winners for this particular award were Network 2 Supplies (N2S)Coventry University and Mahsa Baniasadi for their project to develop an in-house bioleaching-based capability using bacteria for the recovery of precious metals from e-waste.

The Future Leaders Award is for selected Associates who have shown exceptional skills, above and beyond the normal expectations of a KTP Associate, in driving and delivering innovation strategy; demonstrating great teamwork and outstanding leadership potential.

Catherine Campbell, Harsh Shah, Matthew Holland and Tania Farhat

This award recognises the outstanding contribution made to KTP by a member of academic staff and the role that they have had in influencing the uptake of KTP throughout their institution.

The winner of the KTP Academic of the year was Dr Faiyaz Doctor from the University of Essex.

The Best Knowledge Base KTP Support Team Award recognises a team that has influenced and supported sustained high-quality performance in KTP.

The winners were the University of the West of Scotland with Stuart Mckay as the KTP Officer.

what they say

Agnieszka Bachleda-Baca

"My KTP was challenging but very rewarding at the same time. I have received an unique opportunity to work in the industry and academia at the same time, which is very advantageous. I became a better researcher and worked with different departments at the company, which gave me a great idea of how I want to shape my career path". Find out more about Agneiska's experience in this longer profile piece here.    

arbnco / University of Strathclyde
Emily Mason (BSc Hons, Biopharmaceutical Science)

"For me, the KTP role has really been a life changing opportunity.... I hadn’t heard of KTP until I applied for my role, however after the experience I have had I recommend it to anyone - especially graduates as it’s a great bridge between university and ‘real life’. It is certainly a decision I will never regret". Emily Mason, KTP Associate

Northumbria Pharma / University of Sunderland
Melanie Herrmann

"I am privileged to work both with gifted academics at the University of Cambridge, and bright minds at Vizzuality, a change agency for a sustainable and fair future. I am grateful for this unique opportunity to work in a job that I love and believe in." Melanie Herrmann, KTP Associate

Vizzuality/University of Cambridge
Dr Shirley Ann Hazlett, Senior Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast Management School

The Management KTP initiative is fantastic for any growth-oriented SME, such as RBP, and we cannot recommend this programme highly enough”.  

David Beattie

“Through KTP, I’ve found a graduate role which offers both academic and industry experience in equal measure. My role is intensely immersive, which I put down to the considerable degree of autonomy the KTP framework affords. Our project is a win-win for its stakeholders, may lead to job creation and will reduce our Carbon footprint. That’s satisfying.” See a longer profile piece about David Beattie's KTP here. David Beattie, KTP Associate

Davidsons Feeds/James Hutton Institute
Neha Sharma

"KTP is like a beautiful interwoven fabric of academia and industry"

KTP Associate, Cosmotec Ltd and University of Salford
Professor Yvonne Perrie

"KTP provides a superb pathway for knowledge transfer, enabling academic research to be applied to deliver impact to real world solutions".

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Paul Graham

"The KTP has been a revolutionary programme, enabling the business to completely standardise the design process with the added luxury of achieving high accuracy at a high speed.” 

IG Masonry Support Systems General Manager
Georgiana Nica-Avram

Working with OLIO and the University of Nottingham has helped me develop personally and professionally. It has helped me contribute the skills and knowledge I have gained so far, as well as develop new skills in the fast-paced domain of data science. OLIO is dedicated to addressing one of today’s greatest challenges- food waste, and I am grateful to be part of this solution. Georgian Nica-Avram, KTP Associate

University of Nottingham / OLIO


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