A celebration of the very best KTP collaborations

Nearly 300 Avatars amassed in Laval‘s Virtual Auditorium last night, joining approx 200 guests on YouTube for a special online version of the prestigious KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020.

The Ceremony, presented by KTN in partnership with Immerse UK (led by KTN’s Asha Easton) and Laval Virtual, saw winners of six categories revealed for outstanding impact from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. 

Watch the recording of the event on YouTube here.

Warmly hosted by Senior KTA, Fiona Nightingale and with presentations from KTN’s CEO, Dr Alicia Greated, and Innovate UK’s Interim Executive Chair, Dr Ian Campbell – all appearing as Avatars – attendees enthusiastically embraced the new iteration of the event which was reimagined as a result of Covid 19.

At KTN we are committed to shaping innovation communities of the future which is exactly what made these awards so inspiring. Not only are our KTP winners actively bringing research into commercial business environments, but they are also bringing new ways of thinking, diverse experience and varied skill sets together to make a manful difference in building a sustainable economy and society” said Alicia Greated.

The drop down menus below provide a list of the Winners and Finalists in that category with a link to more information about the project.

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Download a copy of the Press Release highlighting some of this year's Finalists

Find out more about last year's winners and finalists profiled in our brochure.

This award honours the most outstanding overall partnership; that which has brought the most significant benefits to all three participants, and which best exemplifies innovation through collaboration.


Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to transform company from traditional standpipe manufacturer into provider of Smart standpipe technology for improved water management by water companies

Finalists are:

Specialist in Infection Prevention Technology and a leading supplier of antimicrobial wet and dry wipes (at least one of its products is used in every NHS hospital) looks to expand capability and develop new products to include claim for virucidal and tuberculocidal efficacy 

Green military machine? This collaboration has accelerated electric propulsion, helping make military equipment more environmentally sustainable and opening up opportunities in other sectors (marine, rail, HGVs, and aerospace). 


Here we celebrate excellence in the application of engineering skills, interpreted in the broadest sense, to recognise the continuing evolution of this field. 


Project: created a bespoke mathematical model capable of designing masonry support façade systems delivering predicted deflections within 0.1mm with 98% confidence. The Partnership believes this is ground breaking work, and has created the most sophisticated model of this nature in existence for the design of masonry support systems.

Finalists are:

Project: Transforming production control and quality consistency of traditional cracker manufacturer, Rakusen’s, using Industry 4 technologies

Project: Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to transform company from traditional standpipe manufacturer into provider of Smart standpipe technology for improved water management by water companies


To be considered for the award, an organisation must be able to demonstrate substantial ongoing impact from their KTP beyond the expectations as set out in their Partnership’s original KTP proposal.

Winners are:

Project: This claims handler for insurance companies including Allianz, Direct Line and Legal & General has used positive “digital disruption” (CAD and 3D printing) to revolutionise jewellery insurance claims – “printing an heirloom / reprinting the irreplaceable”

Finalist are:

Project: Subsea engineering cabling specialist diversifying to other sectors

Project: Transforming new product development NPD, using architectural design and digital fabrication (steel products/door-frames etc) 


This award, supported by Ashorne Hill, is for KTP Associates who have shown exceptional skills, above and beyond the normal expectations of a KTP Associate, in driving and delivering innovation strategy; demonstrating great teamwork and outstanding leadership potential.

Winners are:

Leona McGirr: Creating an Antibody Library for fully human antibodies.

Muddasar Anwar  Delivering innovation for Sustainable Drainage System to prevent flooding.

Declan Bryans: Creating greener energy with innovations in flow batteries.

Mark Gilmore: Developing new class of greener ionic liquid\

Khai Nguyen: Inventing a new silicone composite for consumer fixing brand, Sugru.

Dmitry Bogachov: Advancing Materials Science for Anilox technology.

Harvey Kangley: Delivering exceptional NPD in rail electrification.

Elle Perschke: Applying B2C methodologies in a B2B company.

Finalists are:

Project: Creating a Building Additive Manufacturing (BAM) capability which ‘prints’ a complete building structure – reduces build cost and time; contributes to net zero

Project: Building the commercial resilience of this large social enterprise

Project: To develop intelligent, IP connected and highly sensitive laser scanner and security products with corresponding mobile phone application

Project: To embed a scientifically informed design process to streamline and optimise electric trials bike design for adult market 

Project: To implement model-based and machine learning methods and tools which transform spreadsheets in to cognitive models

Project: To develop and embed an intelligent data driven fraud prevention and detection service to support insurance claim handling utilising ML

Project: To develop online training for GPs and other medical staff that is available 24/7 to support CPD and provide alternative/supplement to F2F training

Project: Supporting the application of advanced analytics and machine learning to inform development of the next generation of mobile power platforms.

Project:  To investigate the application of liposome formulations to improve the efficacy of drugs delivered via Lonza’s liquid-filled capsules.

Project: Super-charging reporting and delivery of Charity’s activities.

Most effective initiative from a KTP Office team, inspired by the late David Woollard (Manchester Metropolitan University) and supported by PraxisAuril


Aston UniversityAn initiative to work with an industry club to grow interest in and exposure to KTP


North of Scotland KTP Centre An initiative to diversify its KTP project portfolio into the Life Sciences Sector.



This award is for the team which has introduced an innovative new approach or initiative to any aspect of  KTP promotion, management or delivery, achieving significant benefit in terms of innovation or impact; and in so doing provides a model of best practice for KTP offices. 

About PraxisAuril

PraxisAuril is a world-leading professional association for Knowledge Exchange practitioners PraxisAuril facilitates effective interactions between universities, public sector research organisations, industry partners and government. Our goal is to create the world’s most effective and best-informed Knowledge Exchange practitioners. We do this by focusing on three key areas: DEVELOP, PROMOTE and CONNECT.

We provide training programmes, discussion fora and information resources to help our members DEVELOP.

We PROMOTE the impact of Knowledge Exchange through our policy activity.

We organise conferences and provide communications channels to help CONNECT our community.

PraxisAuril is part of a wider global community of partner organisations and key stakeholders that support Knowledge Exchange.

This is a new Award, supported by UKRI,  which recognises the wider impacts of KTP – those projects which have delivered significant societal/social or environmental benefit.

Winners are:

Project: Development of Wellbeing Identification and Support Platform (WISP) – creating immersive, digital tools to help people dealing with impacts of trauma (eg disturbing online images)

Finalist are:

Project Creating a new approach for the Youth Justice system in Greater Manchester, aimed at preventing offending, tackling reoffending and improving life chances

Project: Design and development of an impact resistant interface system (IRIS) for neonatal ambulance trolley to reduce brain injury during transportation

Project: Creating an evolutionary augmented reality app to help children with asthma use their inhalers correctly

what they say

Agnieszka Bachleda-Baca

"My KTP was challenging but very rewarding at the same time. I have received an unique opportunity to work in the industry and academia at the same time, which is very advantageous. I became a better researcher and worked with different departments at the company, which gave me a great idea of how I want to shape my career path".   Agnieszka Bachleda-Baca, MSc Sustainable Engineering - Renewable Energy Systems, KTP Associate    

arbnco / University of Strathclyde
Emily Mason (BSc Hons, Biopharmaceutical Science)

"For me, the KTP role has really been a life changing opportunity.... I hadn’t heard of KTP until I applied for my role, however after the experience I have had I recommend it to anyone - especially graduates as it’s a great bridge between university and ‘real life’. It is certainly a decision I will never regret". Emily Mason, KTP Associate

Northumbria Pharma / University of Sunderland
Melanie Hermann

"I am privileged to work both with gifted academics at the University of Cambridge, and bright minds at Vizzuality, a change agency for a sustainable and fair future. I am grateful for this unique opportunity to work in a job that I love and believe in." Melanie Herrmann, KTP Associate

Vizzuality/University of Cambridge
Dr Shirley Ann Hazlett, Senior Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast Management School

The Management KTP initiative is fantastic for any growth-oriented SME, such as RBP, and we cannot recommend this programme highly enough”.  

David Beattie

“Through KTP, I’ve found a graduate role which offers both academic and industry experience in equal measure. My role is intensely immersive, which I put down to the considerable degree of autonomy the KTP framework affords. Our project is a win-win for its stakeholders, may lead to job creation and will reduce our Carbon footprint. That’s satisfying.” David Beattie, KTP Associate

Davidsons Feeds/James Hutton Institute
Neha Sharma

"KTP is like a beautiful interwoven fabric of academia and industry"

KTP Associate, Cosmotec Ltd and University of Salford
Professor Yvonne Perrie

"KTP provides a superb pathway for knowledge transfer, enabling academic research to be applied to deliver impact to real world solutions".

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Phil Goddard

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships were not really on my radar but when I found out more about them I realized it was the precise mechanism we needed to realize our innovation goals.  It has transformed our business, taking us in to new markets and bringing in fresh thinking and capability which has made us much better able to develop the kind of ideas which will expand our business for years to come.” 

CEO, CSols Ltd
Georgiana Nica-Avram

Working with OLIO and the University of Nottingham has helped me develop personally and professionally. It has helped me contribute the skills and knowledge I have gained so far, as well as develop new skills in the fast-paced domain of data science. OLIO is dedicated to addressing one of today’s greatest challenges- food waste, and I am grateful to be part of this solution. Georgian Nica-Avram, KTP Associate

University of Nottingham / OLIO


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