The KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020 brochure outlines multiple positive impacts of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. 

How have UK businesses benefitted from accessing academic expertise and resources – and fresh thinking? View the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020 Brochure here. 
Watch the event again via this YouTube recording here.

From infection control to sustainable drainage; electric drivetrains to materials science; AI for fraud detection to state of the art standpipes – right across the UK and in every sector of the economy, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are delivering positive change, led by high calibre graduates and post graduates. See the latest vacancies here

With a 45 year legacy of success, more than 800 businesses are engaged in a KTP right now. No wonder: matching innovation focused businesses with top academic teams, KTP exemplifies the exceptional power of partnership to unlock potential, enrich thinking, and deliver transformation.

We celebrate the most positive outcomes of these partnerships in the annual KTP Best of the Best Awards. This year’s winners and finalists reflect the depth and breadth of impacts that KTP can have; as well as the diversity of projects that can benefit from this special collaborative framework. View the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020 Brochure here. 

Winners and finalists include large companies like GAMA Healthcare whose products are in every NHS hospital; iconic cracker brand Rakusen’s; SBS Insurance (who handle claims for Allianz, Direct Line and Legal & General); specialist engineering companies like Aquacheck; and military vehicle manufacturer SC Group Global whose KTP is helping drive the electric revolution. 

Winners also include talented graduates who lead each KTP project, working as KTP Associates, for example in antibody research at Fusion Antibodies; developing green energy at Mersen UK; making breakthroughs in materials science at consumer brand Sugru. Hear from the winners here.  And see the latest job vacancies for KTP Associates here. 

View the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020 Brochure here. 

There is so much to celebrate about KTPs and how they impact on individual lives, businesses and our society. 

The KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020 reflect just how deep, wide and beneficial these impacts can be, across all UK sectors and geographies – and for people and our environment. KTP is a shining example of how collaboration can deliver significant positive change – something which we at KTN are deeply committed to, and which we are proud to highlight via these Awards” commented Alicia Greated, CEO of KTN. 

And if the Awards brochure inspires you to find out more about how KTP can transform your business, you can do so here

Funding competitions for KTP and the newer Management KTP – which links businesses with academic teams to power process, management or cultural change – are open throughout the year. The next competition closes on 27 January 2021.


KTPs are funded by UKRI through Innovate UK with supporters including the Scottish Funding Council, Welsh Government, Invest Northern Ireland, Defra and BEIS. Innovate UK manages the KTP programme and facilitates its delivery through a range of partners.

Management KTP is funded by the UK government department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) through Innovate UK.

KTN is a delivery partner for both programmes.


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