PraxisAuril will support a new award for the ‘Most effective initiative from a KTP Office’ in this year’s KTP Best of the Best Awards, using its established expertise to identify the approach that produces the best innovation or impact.

PraxisAuril, a world-leading professional association for Knowledge Exchange practitioners, is collaborating with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) to find the most effective initiative from a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) office.

The KTP Best of the Best Awards celebrate the most outstanding impacts resulting from collaborative knowledge transfer partnerships. This year, the awards focus on the diversity of impacts KTPs can deliver, as well as the breadth of projects and organisations which can benefit from the transformative effects of KTP collaboration. The 2020 award categories are: Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Engineering Excellence, Business Impact, Future Innovator, Societal Impact, and Most effective initiative from a KTP Office.

Alasdair Cameron, Director of Strategic Engagement at PraxisAuril said;

“PraxisAuril’s goal is to create the world’s most effective and well-informed Knowledge Exchange (KE) practitioners. Supported by our global membership of universities, public sector research organisations, industry and government we have a holistic view of the impact knowledge exchange activities can have. Supporting the ‘Most effective initiative from a KTP Office’ award is not only about helping to find the most impactful and innovative approaches. It is also about supporting best practice and shining a light on excellence within the KE practitioner community, wherever it might be. Alongside our own KE Awards, PraxisAuril is committed to celebrating the work of KE practitioners who work tirelessly to facilitate and support the impact agenda.”

Gerry Black, Senior Knowledge Transfer Adviser at Knowledge Transfer Network added:

“’The KTP Awards celebrate the Best of the Best in KE, showcasing outstanding innovation driven by business-academic collaboration.  We are very pleased to have PraxisAuril on board to support the ‘Most effective initiative from a KTP Office’ Award. Our aligned goals around helping UK organisations of all sizes and sectors to realise innovation through partnership makes them a perfect collaborator. This Award recognises and celebrates the vital and challenging work delivered by KE practitioners, a community at the heart of KTP, and so important to its success.’

The ‘Most effective initiative from a KTP Office’ award is for the team which has introduced an innovative new approach or initiative to any aspect of KTP promotion, recruitment, management or delivery, achieving significant benefit in terms of innovation or impact; and in so doing provides a model of best practice for other KTP offices.

Nominations are due to open on Monday 3 February and close at noon on Wednesday 26th February 2020, with winners announced on Thursday 4 June at The Royal Society in London. Nominations can be made via an online form on the Knowledge Transfer Network’s website, which will go live on Monday 3 February.

About PraxisAuril

PraxisAuril is a world-leading professional association for Knowledge Exchange practitioners.
PraxisAuril facilitates effective interactions between universities, public sector research organisations, industry partners and government. Our goal is to create the world’s most effective and best-informed Knowledge Exchange practitioners. We do this by focusing on three key areas: DEVELOP, PROMOTE and CONNECT.

  • We provide training programmes, discussion fora and information resources to help our members DEVELOP
  • We PROMOTE the impact of Knowledge Exchange through our policy activity
  • We organise conferences and provide communication channels to help CONNECT our community

PraxisAuril is part of a wider global community of partner organisations and key stakeholders that support Knowledge Exchange.

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