Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (mKTP) are designed to create transformational change within companies by introducing major improvements to management practice. With the dedicated funding mKTP competition now open and closing on 19 February 2020, now is the time to think about whether this programme could help your organisation increase management effectiveness. And if you think it might, talk to one of our expert Knowledge Transfer Advisers. They’re based all over the UK and can help assess the feasibility of your idea in the first instance.

“We would encourage any company with a strategic ambition to expand management capability to talk to us about a mKTP. This programme is all about helping companies develop the kind of processes and practices that can deliver a real step change in management performance, and transform their ability to grow” said Mark Lynch, one of the Knowledge Transfer Network‘s specialist Knowledge Transfer Advisers (KTA) who help at every stage of a mKTP.

Like the successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme which has been helping companies innovate for growth for over 40 years, a mKTP links companies with one of the UK’s leading business school academic teams and a talented graduate or post-graduate. This collaborative partnership lasts between 12 months and three years and aims to help translate research insights and expertise into real business impact. How? By injecting significant management expertise that expands business capability, increases efficiency and enables lasting change and growth.

The first two companies participating in a mKTP are: Resistant Building Products Limited in partnership with Queen’s University, Belfast; and Glasgow-based glass specialist, IPIG, in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland.

The objectives for IPIG’s mKTP are to “undertake a market-led strategic change and business development project, underpinned by optimised business processes, management systems, customer-centric culture and strategic agility”. Jim Berryman, another specialist KTA at the KTN who helped put the application together commented that This mKTP has the potential to be transformative for the host company and will extend the real-world impact of the expertise being applied by UWS.  IPIG has an enviable reputation for delivering award-winning projects, and we intend to build on this by enhancing internal management capabilities to secure the long-term competitive advantage of the business”.

For Resistant Building Products, their mKTP aims to develop and embed an effective R&D capability to improve their product performance and range. Ken Frame, the KTA who facilitated this partnership application, said “I am thrilled that this application has been successful. The mKTP initiative promises to make a real difference and we look forward to working with a lot more companies, like Resistant Building Products, who want to improve their management practices and processes via the mKTP programme”. 

As with all KTP projects, mKTPs also enjoy the expert input of a Knowledge Transfer Adviser from the KTN who is with you every step of the way, from scoping the initial project idea and making the funding application, right through all stages of the project and its assessment and evaluation once complete.

You can watch the  helpful webinar on mKTP here and more information about mKTPs is available here

The funding competition for mKTP opens on 12 December 2019 and closes on 19 February 2020 alongside the KTP funding competition. 

If you think a mKTP could help your organisation expand its management capability, talk to one of our expert Knowledge Transfer Advisers today.

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