This year’s theme: Celebrating the Spirit of Collaboration.

Nominations open: 19 April at 10am

Nominations close: 10 May at 12pm

Awards Ceremony: Thursday 23rd September 2021.

After a year like no other,  it’s time to start planning for something positive: The KTP Best of the Best Awards 2021.

Collaboration is at the heart of every KTP and what makes it such an effective innovation engine – uniting different teams around a common purpose for the benefit of all involved. 

But the exceptional circumstances we have all experienced over the last year have called for collaboration on an epic scale. 

It is with that in mind that we dedicate this year’s KTP Awards to The Spirit of Collaboration – and we will be honouring this with a special new showcase Award for Knowledge Base teams.

So, put the nomination dates and deadlines in your diary, start brushing up your nomination skills, and look out for more details over the next couple of weeks!

Awards categories for 2021 are:

  • Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The most outstanding overall partnership; the one which has brought the most significant benefits to all three participants, and which best exemplifies innovation through collaboration. 

  • Engineering Excellence Award

Here we celebrate excellence in the application of engineering skills, interpreted in the broadest sense, to recognise the continuing evolution of this field. 

Partnerships completing the Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award may also enter this award. 

  • Business Impact Award

Can your business demonstrate substantial ongoing impact from its KTP – beyond the expectations as set out in their Partnership’s original KTP proposal? If so, this award is for you. 

  • Future Leader – supported by Ashorne Hill

This award is for Associates who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, above and beyond the normal expectations of a KTP Associate.

  •  Societal Impact Award – supported by KTN

This Award, first introduced in 2020, recognises the wider impacts of KTP – those projects which have delivered societal/social or environmental benefit. 

  • Highlighting Inspiring stories of Knowledge Base support for an Associate / Partnership, Inspired by David Woollard.

We aim to showcase these inspiring stories in recognition of the support the Knowledge Base teams have provided to their partnerships in particular their Associates during the pandemic.

KTP Partnerships can apply for more than one Award category, for further information click here.

Register Now

When you click on the registration page for the Awards nominations, you’ll be able to download a copy of all the Award nomination forms.



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