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1.Formulation Scientist – KTP Associate

Anglia Ruskin University and Detoxpeople have an exciting opening for a graduate to lead a project designed to embed the development, analysis and knowledge of liposomal formulation – both dry and liquid -thereby facilitating future product design and the adoption of a scaled-up manufacturing process.

Find out more about this role here.


Salary: £32,000 – £35,000

Closing Date: 1 DECEMBER 2020


2. Data Scientist – KTP Associate

The University of Exeter has an exciting opportunity for a tech-savvy Data Scientist graduate to work with Applegate. The graduate will develop Machine Learning (ML) methods to effectively match suppliers to RFQs and integrate this technology into Applegate’s software. You can find out more about this role here.


Salary: £27,511 – £34,804

Closing Date: 6 DECEMBER 2020


3. Visual Sensor Network Research Scientist – KTP Associate

The University of Essex has an exciting opportunity for a highly qualified computer science graduate to work in partnership with Wilkin & Sons to prevent and detect contagious plant diseases. Taking data from drone surveys using novel IoT approaches, a system will be developed to detect & predict disease outbreaks using spectral analysis, image processing and machine learning.

You can learn more about this role here.


Salary: £33,000 – £38,000

Closing Date: 9 DECEMBER 2020


4. AI Engineer – KTP Associate

A brilliant opportunity for a graduate to work with the University of Exeter and Darby & Darby, an ambitious high-street law firm. The role of the AI Engineer will be to lead a strategic project, to transform the client experience of the legal probate process through the development and integration of a user-driven AI-enhanced software platform.

Learn more about this role here


Salary: £27,511 – £34,804

Closing Date: 14 DECEMBER 2020


5. Antibody and Immunoassay Development Scientist – KTP Associate

An exciting opportunity for a graduate to work with the University of Aberdeen and Vertebrate Antibodies to develop immune assays to monitor fish health using state of the art approaches. The research will take advantage of available genome sequences and epitope mapping using tools and algorithms developed by the industrial partner Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd (VAL).

Location:  ABERDEEN

Salary: £25,000 – £36,657

Closing Date: 15 DECEMBER 2020


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