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1.Knowledge Transfer Role (Regional Business Intelligence Unit) – KTP Associate

De Montfort University and East Midlands Chamber have an exciting opening for a graduate to create and develop the new Regional Business Intelligence Unit within the East Midlands Chamber. This will provide data-led intelligence to meet the requirements of businesses & policymakers. 

Find out more about this role here.


Salary: £27,511 – £33,797

Closing Date: 13 DECEMBER 2020


2. AI Research Scientist – KTP Associate

The University of Essex has an exciting opportunity for a tech-savvy AI Research Scientist graduate to work with Mediterranean Shipping Company, a global shipping and logistics company. The graduate will design and embed a novel intelligent simulator model, built upon a data engine and machine learning algorithms, into MSC (UK) Ltd’s business structure to advise logistics, resource allocation and strategic planning.

You can find out more about this role here.


Salary: £32,750 – £36,350

Closing Date: 14 DECEMBER 2020


3. Expert Tooling – KTP Associate

The University of Warwick has an exciting opportunity for Mechanical Engineer graduate with experience in CAD design and some knowledge of CATIA to work with the UK’s leading manufacturer Expert to improve their tooling & fixture design and development process. The graduate will push the boundaries of industrial Computer-Aided Fixture Design (CAFD) software by leveraging leading-edge AI knowledge.

You can learn more about this role here.


Salary: £32,000

Closing Date: 20 DECEMBER 2020


4. Research Associate in Stretchable Printed Electronics – KTP Associate

An exciting opportunity for a graduate to work with the University of Sheffield, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Conductive Transfers Limited to investigate the factors that influence the performance of a stretchable, printed electronic system (such systems can be used in a range of applications such as healthcare and automobiles).

Read more about this role here.


Salary: £29,000 – £33,000

Closing Date: 19 DECEMBER 2020


5. Real-Time Control of Urban Drainage Systems – KTP Associate

A fantastic opportunity for a graduate to work with the University of Sheffield and Severn Trent Water to help implement an exciting new technology for efficient management of urban drainage networks. This technology seeks to mitigate urban flooding and reduce pollution by real-time monitoring and accurately controlling storage within the network.

Learn more about this role here


Salary: £30,000 – £32,000

Closing Date: 3 JANUARY 2021


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