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If you’re looking for a job where you can apply your academic knowledge to a real-world business challenge, find out about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs).

Linking forward-looking businesses with top academic teams, KTPs spearhead innovation. Each KTP is led by a KTP Associate. Find out more about the role here and see a summary of the latest KTP Associate jobs below. See more info and jobs here.


Pharmaceutical Microbiology – KTP Associate

The University of Manchester and Quay Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a world-leading contract Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Organisation is keen to find a qualified postdoctoral Microbiologist or Biologist. Learn more about the role here


Salary: £32,816 – £40,322

Closing Date: 31 MAY 2021



Data Scientist – KTP Associate

The University of Salford and Ripe Insurance, an InsurTech firm with an impressive track record in launching and optimising specialist products in the insurance market, is looking for a tech-savvy Computer Scientist. 

If you want to kick start your career find out more about this role here


Salary: £25,000 – £35,000

Closing Date: 13 JUNE 2021


Digital Business & Data Analyst – KTP Associate 

Birmingham City University and Engineius, a leading end-to-end vehicle movement solution in the UK are seeking an enthusiastic software engineer that will develop a novel digital platform and in the evaluation of its efficacy to fundamentally transform the organisation’s operational model.

Find out more about the role here.


Salary: £25,000 – £30,000

Closing Date: 15 JUNE 2021


Pharmaceutical Formulation Scientist – KTP Associate

Want to work for a pharmaceutical company? Aston University and Quest Healthcare a leading product development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The company is run by pharmacists, academics, and clinicians that bring a wealth of expertise from industry, academia, and the NHS. The company is looking for a super-talented candidate with MSc/MRes in pharmaceuticals.

Find out more about the role here.


Salary: £32,000

Closing Date: 17 JUNE 2021



Lean Visual Management – KTP Associate

Are you an ambitious Researcher looking to fast-track your career? Keele University and Magiboards, are looking for a Business or Management Graduate to develop Lean Visual Management solutions and address problems with logistics, distribution, and product innovation. Find out more about the role here.


Salary: £32,904 – £39,216

Closing Date: 18 JUNE 2021



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