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1.Development Engineer – Metal 3D Printing – KTP Associate

The University of Sheffield (Department of Materials Science & Engineering) and Photocentric, a rapidly growing, innovative company with a completely new approach to using 3D printing to create millions of usable items for the industry worldwide, has an exciting opening for a graduate to develop the new printing process and its subsequent post-processing operations to optimise the production of test coupons and components. You will also investigate the metal powder feedstock and material performance for a range of alloys.

Find out more about this role here.


Salary:£30,000 – £35,000

Closing Date: 22 DECEMBER 2020


2. Software Engineer – KTP Associate

The University of Aberdeen has an exciting opportunity for a graduate software engineer to work with Global Design Innovation Ltd (GDi), a growing engineering company in Aberdeen to design and develop a software tool that automatically recognises equipment from laser scans of production plants. The graduate will lead a challenging project that requires the processing of terabytes of scan data automatically to identify pipes, pipe fittings, and equipment. This project aims to deliver savings in engineering time and enable new products and services to be launched by GDi, such as automatically verifying a whole plant design. 

You can find out more about this role here.


Salary: £35,000 – £40,000

Closing Date: 3 JANUARY 2021


3. Circular Economy Construction & Demolition Waste Recovery- KTP Associate

 An exciting opportunity for a graduate to work with Heriot-Watt University and Brewster Brothers Ltd to develop circular solutions to add value to waste and by-product waste targeting a net zero sustainable future.

Read more about this role here.


Salary: £32,817 – £32,817

Closing Date: 4 JANUARY 2021


4. Data Scientist (Network Science and Graph Databases) – KTP Associate

The University of Essex has an exciting opportunity for Data Science graduate to work with Preqin Ltd in London to develop analytical routines and results that feed into Preqin’s business model. The project merges statistical and descriptive network science, automated graph-based reasoning and ontologies, and other data science and analytics approach in order to generate recommendations for clients and governance.

You can learn more about this role here.

Location: London

Salary: £34,000 – £60,000

Closing Date: 6 JANUARY 2021


5. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Vision Research Scientist – KTP Associate

 An exciting opportunity for a graduate to work with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and Kibble, Scotland’s specialist provider of services for at risk children and young people. You will assist in the development of Kibble’s revolutionary behaviour analysis software. This involves inventing novel methods for media search and retrieval, data mining and data analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Want to make a positive difference?

Learn more about this role here


Salary: £34,500

Closing Date: 10 JANUARY 2021


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