Right across the UK and in every sector of the economy, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are quietly delivering major innovation in companies big and small.  In the KTP Best of the Best Awards we celebrate the quality and diversity of KTP impact. Join us on 9 September as we announce the winners in our Virtual world. 

The breadth and depth of outcomes from these KTPs – which bring together companies and universities/research organisations – speaks to the endless possibilities that this unique collaborative mechanism can achieve. Today over 800 organisations and more than 100 universities are engaged in KTP. Providing access to world class academic thinking and resources, KTP enables fresh thinking and deep expertise to find expression in myriad positive impacts. Many of these are celebrated in the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020

Here we showcase a few of the Finalists’ projects that demonstrate the quality and diversity of KTP.

New mathematical model delivers 9000 man hours in sixty seconds 

KTP Associate, Emanuele Scarabino working in a KTP with Masonry Support Systems and Queen’s University Belfast, has helped create a bespoke mathematical model capable of designing masonry support façade systems delivering predicted deflections within 0.1mm with 98% confidence. This incredible accuracy pushed the project beyond any expectations set out in the original plan; the ability to predict physical behaviour with such accuracy has transformed product design with material savings and remarkable improvements in efficiency. The mathematical model created via this KTP delivers the output of 9000 man hours in sixty seconds and eliminates human error. More here. 

3D printing of heirloom jewellery for insurance claims

According to SBS Insurance – which handles insurance claims on behalf of more than 23 insurance companies including household names like Allianz, Direct Line, Legal & General and Lloyds Bank – claim handling for the jewellery sector has not seen much change in years and is characterised by claims being dealt with slowly, with little innovation in the claims process, and poor customer satisfaction. 

Revolutionising jewellery insurance claims SBS Insurance is now able to facilitate highly sophisticated 3D printing, using precious metals to create replicas of irreplaceable stolen jewellery. The KTP collaboration between SBS Insurance Services, Birmingham City University and KTP Associate Jade Watts increased turnover for the company by £4M and represents a significant digital progression for the industry. More here. 

Improved life chances via the youth justice system

Positive change has been achieved through a collaboration between Positive Steps, Manchester Metropolitan University and KTP Associate Anna Jones (PhD Criminology).

A new framework created in consultation with young people from within the criminal justice system has resulted in reduced reoffending rates and improved life chances. The scheme is the first of its kind in the UK to be co-created with the young offenders themselves and was facilitated via the use of boxing, rap lyric writing and urban art workshops. More here.

A world-first hybrid/electric off-road military machine could help meet vehicle emissions targets and enhance off-road capabilities

Thanks to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between SC Group-Global Ltd, University of Exeter and KTP Associate Matt Harvey, environmentally sustainable, off-road electric propulsion technology is now in the fast lane. Enabling the company to bring more efficient hybrid and electric drive technologies to their military operations vehicles, this will also benefit the emergency services and utilities sectors, particularly in challenging off-road environments. More here.


These are just four of 33 finalists across six categories in this year’s KTP Best of the Best Awards 2020. Find out more here. Winners will be announced at our Virtual Awards  Ceremony on Wednesday 9 September at 4pm – do join us in our virtual world (no headsets required!) to celebrate KTP success. Register here

Want to find out more about participating in KTP,  or the new Management KTP focused specifically on expanding management capability? Competitions for KTP and MKTP funding are open throughout the year.  

Each KTP project is led by a KTP Associate – see current vacancies here. 

For the latest news on KTP funding competitions, projects and awards, follow us on twitter @ktnuk_ktp or see our LinkedIn showcase page at linkedin.com/showcase/ktn-ktp


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