At the 2022 Innovate UK KTP Awards, we’ll be recognising the partnerships that have continued to demonstrate outstanding impact with the Business Impact and Transformation Award. Finalists for this award have demonstrated a transformative commercial outlook and accessing academic knowledge to deepen expertise, companies are able to expand their commercial capabilities and exploit market opportunities.  

Read on to see who is in contention for this award at the Innovate UK KTP Awards, happening in Liverpool on 12th October (register here).

Ulster University,
Luke Donnelly

Axial3D specializes in patient-specific medical 3D imaging and modelling to enhance surgical planning, save time and costs, and improve patient outcomes.

The aim of the KTP, with Ulster University and Luke Donnelly, was to develop a 3D web-based visualisation system, for use by medical professionals, enabling realistic and accurate representation of anatomy at a pre-production stage.

During the KTP, Axial3D increased employment and revenues, with the company’s case study presented at SXSW2019. This was cited as the world’s first renal operation using 3D printing, with the consultant hailing the technology as “invaluable” in pre-operative planning. The company’s solutions are now used in approximately 350 hospitals aiming to add another 300 hospitals in 2022. 

The UK Government Health Secretary exemplified Axial3D as 

“helping to transform surgery by providing 3D-printed models of specific parts of a patient’s own body. Axial3D uses machine learning-based segmentation algorithms to automatically produce patient-specific 3D anatomical models within 24 to 48 hours.”

Roger Johnston, CEO of Axial3D said:  

“We have an opportunity in front of us to fundamentally change patient-specific care around the world. We believe that traditional 2D imaging will be replaced by 3D imaging as the basis for new standards of care over the next few years.” 


Johnson Test Papers,
University of Wolverhampton,
Caitlin Forster

Johnson Test Papers has been manufacturing easy-to-use rapid tests since 1938 providing fast and accurate results. Their broad range of products covers everything from simple pH testing, water analysis, production processes and measurements of special food parameters.

The KTP worked with the University of Wolverhampton and Caitlin Forster to research, develop and manufacture a novel portable reagent test kit for testing for pollutants in water, sewage, soils and gases.

The project has made a significant impact within the industry by introducing fast, easy-to-use and economically priced test kits for parameters which have long been slow and cumbersome procedures. This new method of analysis has made it more accessible and user-friendly allowing even those not skilled in Chemistry to be able to perform such tests and implement improvements and in turn improve the quality of life for others in regions where it is needed most, in particular for water and environmental analysis.

Additionally, one of the biggest outcomes of the KTP, coupled with the KTP that was completed at Johnson Test Papers previously (2014-2016), is that it directly led to the start of a third KTP which further improves and introduces novel test kits to this industry.

SC Group-Global Limited,
University of Exeter,
Matthew Harvey

SC Group’s (SC) principal activity is research and development, design, prototyping, manufacturing, sale and support of high mobility vehicles and other systems across the defence, emergency services and energy sectors. 

The All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) hybrid drive KTP project with the University of Exeter and Matthew Harvey developed the expertise required for the propulsion, control and associated ancillary systems for a ‘go anywhere’ high mobility vehicle, for use in hazardous environments, including the defence and emergency services sector.

Throughout the project, SC Group has had to upskill enabling them to undertake electric vehicle activities. The team has now established the necessary infrastructure to develop and manufacture high-performance off-road vehicles, to cross a variety of terrains and SC has gained significant contemporary expertise on hybrid electric powertrains. These new capabilities can be adapted for a variety of situations and retrofitted to off-road vehicles. Various sectors can utilise this technology to improve operational capability whilst protecting the planet. 

These outcomes have been transformative to the SC Group, the academic team and increasingly for the defence sector, with SC shifting from ‘not knowing what it didn’t know’ about hybrid and electric vehicles and is now recognised as a leader in hybrid and electric drive in defence and other sectors.

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The KTP Awards recognise the people and partnerships behind the UK’s most inspiring and successful KTP projects. Highlighting these outstanding partnerships is just the tip of the iceberg, with more than 800 inspiring collaborations currently happening across the country.

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