At this year’s KTP Awards, we’re recognising the hard work of KTP support teams based in universities across the country. The Best Knowledge Base KTP Support Team Award recognises a team that has influenced and supported sustained high-quality performance in KTP. 

Read on to see who is in contention for this award at the Innovate UK KTP Awards, happening in Liverpool on 12th October (register here).

University of Brighton

The KTP Centre at the University of Brighton, established in 1993, has a long track record of engaging and collaborating with businesses and communities, fostering strong relationships with diverse industries to generate impact from our research. 

The University of Brighton KTP Centre is recognised this year with a finalist Award due to the fantastic work the team have achieved. The team overcame significant challenges in the last five years with cutbacks and particularly when the pandemic hit.

During this time, project numbers at Brighton dropped to two as projects ended (the lowest ever). But, with some prudent management and attention, UoB pushed out the message for companies to ‘innovate out of crisis’ and to use their expertise to do so by utilising KTPs. 

The messaging worked and 2020/21 submissions quickly went from famine to feast. Recognition from this Award supports that ambition fully, as well as the hard work and achievements of recent years.

Recent data on the quality and volume of KTP submissions in 2021/22 showed that only 4 universities featured in both lists – Brighton is one of them, ranking highest for quality. 

“I want to congratulate the University of Brighton on being shortlisted for the Knowledge Base KTP Support Team Award. Having worked with >30% of all KBs that have participated in KTP over the past 16 years and ~64% of those KBs that are currently active in KTP, I wholeheartedly support their application as the Brighton KTP team is unsurpassed in their knowledge, enthusiasm, and support of all aspects of KTP.”

Knowledge Transfer Adviser – Terry Corner 

University of Essex 

The KTP Team at the University of Essex has 40 KTPs across eight academic departments and a KTP portfolio worth £10 million, making the university number one in the UK for Innovate UK-funded KTPs. 

This team has grown the KTP portfolio at Essex from 8 projects in 2017 to 40 projects in 2022 (+400%), all whilst delivering an application success rate that sits consistently and comfortably above 90%. 

Whilst consistently delivering these successful results, the Essex team doesn’t sit still, with innovations being rolled out consistently such as Formalised Associate induction programme, and an Associate Slack group and they’re trialling an Associate buddy scheme.

Alongside this work, the KTP team has begun a brand-awareness campaign which centres on our inspirational new video, designed to grab attention across digital channels. 

University of West Scotland

The KTP Centre at UWS currently comprises five staff, providing both pre and post-award support to UWS academics, KTP Associates and business partners across the UK and overseas. As a comparatively small University with around 600 academic staff, UWS punch well above their weight in the UK league table for KTP, and it’s because of this we want to recognise their invaluable contribution to the programme by nominating them for this award. 

The KTP centre has a high success rate in bids (100% over the last 2 years) with academic colleagues, company partners and referring intermediaries assured of both excellence of service and good return on investment in terms of bid development. 

The quality of service is maintained post-award, which was demonstrated most vividly by the KTP Centre and UWS’s assistance during the pandemic, particularly by offering a range of support from payment holidays to project breaks, supporting associates and businesses at a time when they were under exceptional financial stress and worry.

Several of the businesses supported during this period have gone on to secure A-graded projects as well as industry awards.

“The UWS KTP team have made their KTP Associates a community, sustained numerous support initiatives throughout the pandemic, helping their well-being and effectiveness. Every business partner feels the weight of the whole university supporting them and in return becomes champions helping to drive the portfolio. Overall the team have operationalised the University’s strategic commitment to KTP, shown great initiative and achieved great success.”

Senior Knowledge Transfer Adviser – Gerry Black

Register for the KTP Awards 2022

The KTP Awards recognise the people and partnerships behind the UK’s most inspiring and successful KTP projects. Highlighting these outstanding partnerships is just the tip of the iceberg, with more than 800 inspiring collaborations currently happening across the country.

If you want to attend the awards virtually or join us in person, you can register here


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