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Publicity Guidelines

Publicity Guidelines -KTP/mKTP/AAKTP


Brochures & Flyers


KTP/Business –Powering Innovation Flyer                                        KTP Graduate Flyer                                                       Management KTP Flyer

Site User Guide 



KTP Awards 2020                                                       KTP Awards 2019 

Case Studies


KTP Case Study Framework PDF                       KTP Associate Case Study PDF




KTP Case study framework form                          KTP Associate Case Study Form


MKTP transforming business process culture and skills (Snapshot of current projects.)





Traid                                                                                                           Traid+Illustration 


Videos/Presentation slides

KTP Awards 2021 

Innovate UK KTP Awards 2021, highlight video


Innovate UK KTP Awards 2021, Winners video 


Future Leader Award Winners video 





KTP Awards 2020 Video


Future Innovator Winners Video Film 1


Future Innovator Winners Video Film 2



mKTP Funding Webinar 24.7.20


mKTP funding 24.7.20 – presentation.