KTP helps Rakusen’s Limited expand operations

The Impact

An outstanding Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Bradford helped kosher food manufacturer Rakusen’s to expand smoothly.

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Rakusen’s – a British kosher food manufacturer established in 1900 in Leeds, where it continues to operate today – and the University of Bradford has received an “Outstanding” grading by Innovate UK. Although best known for its matzo, matzo meal and matzo crackers, Rakusen’s also produces soups, beans, margarine, and other products.

Knowledge Transfer Adviser at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), John Clayton, who helped set up and manage the partnership, commented:

“This was a particularly fascinating 24 month KTP in an SME which aimed to apply the latest data science and industrial Internet of Things research into transforming the tacit food manufacturing ‘art’ of a 115 year old Yorkshire–based business into an explicit process based on real time manufacturing information and quality control insight.

“By establishing a data driven transparency to managing the production process Rakusen’s can now deliver an expansion strategy based on production scale up while preserving unique brand quality and taste, address a growing demand for healthy eating in kosher and non-kosher markets, while mitigating the risks of losing tacit knowledge residing in the experience of long standing and skilled employees.”

The KTP partnership stated: “The support we received from the KTP Adviser, John Clayton, was amazing. He was very knowledgeable, had a very good understanding of the context and technology and was very supportive of the KTP Associate. John Clayton provided valuable guidance when the team encountered some challenges, and was also a very good moderator between the KB and the company.”

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