Welcome to a series of blogs and vlogs designed to help you better understand Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (MKTPs).

Management KTPs are a funding opportunity aimed at helping UK businesses improve the way they work.

They are built on the highly successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership model – the UK’s longest running knowledge exchange programme which has helped more than 14,000 businesses innovate for growth.

Like KTPs, Management KTP’s link you in a collaborative partnership with specialist academics who have the know-how to help you transform the way your business operates. 

In this V/blog, Knowledge Transfer AdviserJan Stringer, looks at how businesses can benefit from engaging with academics via Management KTPs.

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No-one knows your business like you do, but learning from research about what works in  many other businesses can add tremendous benefit as you plan to grow and overcome new challenges and exploit new opportunities.

My name is Jan Stringer and I’d like to tell you about a tried and tested mechanism – that provides fresh techniques and insights from experts in UK Universities – could benefit your business.  That mechanism is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership or KTP – and it’s recently been joined by the management KTP or mKTP which has a skills and people focus.

Both programmes enable fresh insights from a wide range of academic experts working at one of our great UK Universities or other research organisations. They have done in- depth study on how to improve a specific area of business operations or technology. And they are there to support your business to innovate and grow.  

KTP also provides a  talented “ Improvement Champion” (the KTP Associate) based in your business for 12 to 36 months, to lead the activities that enable  improvements across many areas of your operations in a way that is adapted to your unique company culture.

For example,  in a Management KTP, one academic could transform your people management practices using  expertise in human behaviour, whilst another applies cutting edge digital marketing research to differentiate your online presence.

The academic team works with you on a one to three year project plan, specific to your needs, which delivers your strategy and also implements the solutions, enhancing innovation within your business. The academics dedicate around half a day a week to  support the implementation of the plan.

But who is going to  lead on that project plan delivery? The KTP grant provides for  a talented, usually post graduate, “Improvement Champion”, called the  KTP Associate, who is based in your business, but employed by the University, and chosen by you both. Thus  you can still concentrate on  day to day operations, whilst steering the longer term transformation of your business by the Associate, working alongside you. 

The cost of the KTP is subsidised by the Government, which works out costing less than directly employing  a highly  qualified person. Effectively, the input of the academic experts are free. And, via the KTP Associate, knowledge is embedded within your business. Your own Knowledge Transfer Adviser, such as myself, also supports you all the way on the KTP journey. Interested?

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This is one in a series of V/blogs about Management KTP

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Use Management KTP to:

  • Access deep knowledge to solve key strategic challenges
  • Apply fresh thinking to transform a wide range business activities 
  • Create business-wide change to increase productivity, adaptability and resilience
  • Introduce a culture of innovation for lasting, positive change.

Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are funded by the UK Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy through Innovate UK and delivered by KTN in partnership with Knowledge Bases.

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