KTP Associate: Lyndsey McKirdy

Company Partner; Aggreko 

University Partner: University of Strathclyde

The Project: Aggreko is a world-leading provider of mobile modular power, temperature control and energy services

This KTP supported the application of advanced analytics and machine learning to maximise reliability, enhance customer experience and inform the development of the next generation of mobile power platforms. Strategically, the KTP has helped increase reliability, reduce costs, enhance customer experience and extend competitive advantage. 

Knowledge gained from the project has directly informed the development of the next generation of modular power systems and, post-KTP, Aggreko plans to extend and embed this analysis to all new parts of its fleet. 

The KTP Associate, Lyndsey McKirdy. Amongst her achievements are:

  • Enhancing the data science capability across Aggreko.
  • Predictive maintenance algorithms, using IOT data in real time to facilitate preventative maintenance on assets. 
  • Identified an opportunity to scale and extend this capability using cloud-based technologies and proactively developed new algorithms for other maintenance challenges, implementing these efficiently and at scale on the company’s cloud technology stack leading to significant commercial impact and benefit across Aggreko. 
  • Asset Cost Models: Understanding the cost drivers of maintaining assets at Aggreko, requiring a more traditional statistical and data analytical perspective, analysing historical data. It also required Lyndsey to develop her soft skills to work effectively with operations experts to understand the business processes that underpin data collection. 
  • Outreach and Communication: Throughout her KTP, Lyndsey has made time to share her expertise with others, presenting at multiple events, including at the Scottish Parliament; has given lectures to Master’s level engineering students at the University of Strathclyde and participated in outreach events to promote STEM in Glasgow schools. These events have been an excellent opportunity for her to inspire the innovators that will come after her. 

Winners of this category will be announced in advance of the KTP Virtual Awards Ceremony which is at 4-5pm on Wednesday 9 September. Join us in our virtual world to celebrate all the winners – register here.

See below for a profile of each of the 18 finalists in the Future Innovator category of this year’s KTP Best of the Best Awards:


Muddasar Anwar  Delivering innovation for Sustainable Drainage System to prevent flooding.

Blessing Mbipom Creating online learning for GPs.

Laurence Foster: Innovations to “print” structures, transforming house building.

Declan Bryans: Creating greener energy with innovations in flow batteries.

Elle Perschke: Applying B2C methodologies to launch a new product within a B2B company.

Mark Gilmore: Development of new class of greener ionic liquid, with multiple potential applications.

Khai Nguyen: Inventing a new silicone composite for consumer fixing brand, Sugru.

Swapnil Khadke: Creating new liposome formulations for application in drug delivery

Leona McGirr: Creating an Antibody Library for fully human antibodies.

Dan Hicks: Developing a new design and testing process for electric trails bikes.

Dmitry Bogachov: Advancing Materials Science for Anilox technology.

Andrew Grounds: Transforming business models for Social Enterprise.

Lyndsey McKirdy: Enhancing data science capability at Aggreko.

Jack Tallant: Transforming reporting and delivery of Charity’s activities.

Xi Liu: Using AI to develop fraud detection and prevention services for law firm.

Alex Komninos: Transforming spreadsheets in to cognitive models at IBM

Harvey Kangley: Delivering exceptional NPD for rail electrification

George Harris: Developing advanced engineering for intruder detection systems.

The Future Innovator category of the KTP Awards is supported by Ashorne Hill – a specialist training company which runs training programmes for all KTP Associates.

Want to find out more about working as a KTP Associate? More information here, and see the latest vacancies here.






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