In the last edition of the KTP Net Zero Series, we turn to the renewable energy sector, with a collaboration between IXYS UK Westcode Limited, University of Nottingham and Future Leader winner at this years’ KTP Awards – Meghna De. 

About IXYS UK Westcode Limited

IXYS UK’s strategic focus is the renewable energy sector, to contribute towards a greener economy and address specific opportunities where high performance and lifetime reliability are key to differentiation and gaining competitive advantage.

IXYS’s long-term vision is to establish itself as a centre of excellence for high reliability, high power technology (design and manufacturing); through the development and embedding of new tools, techniques and protocols, not only to enable future product development but also to support staff development and attract new talent, something that has been a long-term challenge for the business.

About this KTP 

The specific ambition for this project was to enable more reliable, solder-free busbar attachments within high power modules. The collaboration with the team at the University of Nottingham has exceeded expectations and provided a firm foundation for a wide range of exciting new products with contemporary applications.  The knowledge and skills embedded by this KTP have enabled IXYS UK Westcode (Littelfuse) to scale up and grow their business at pace, through access to world-class research expertise.

“Innovations delivered through this collaboration enable a wide range of exciting new applications.  The potential uses of high-power high-frequency semiconductors will be pivotal in helping achieve our net zero targets – particularly when employed for the next generation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  

One application might be wireless inductive charging for example, which allows electric vehicles to automatically charge without the need for plug-in cables – potentially even whilst the vehicle is in motion driving with charging plates embedded in the road surface.  Solutions such as this will be required particularly for autonomous (ie. driverless) vehicles, which are expected to be constantly in use and never having to stop for recharging.”

Stephen Woodhouse, Knowledge Transfer Adviser – KTN

Status of the project 

The project is nearing completion, with Meghna still embedded with the company. For her outstanding work, Meghna was awarded a Future Leader Award at the 2021 KTP Awards

About Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are a dynamic three-way collaboration between a business or not for profit organisation, one of the UK’s world-class knowledge bases, and a suitably qualified graduate. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are funded by a grant to the university from Innovate UK and other government co-funders, and a cash contribution from the business involved. The programme is delivered by Knowledge Transfer Network, a network partner of Innovate UK.

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